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This program enables free voice communication in VoIP technology in Jabber network. Jabbin uses the TINS protocol, which allows connection between two clients and has an advantage over the capabilities of other protocols (RTP, H.323, etc.) and codecs. To compress the call stream, Jabbin uses speex codec.

This codec is completely free, patent-free and written specifically for voice compression. Free calls Make free international calls from your computer to your computer using headphones and a microphone to replace your traditional phone. VOiP and conference calls Create and manage group calls.

Now you can be easily in touch with friends and family, send emoticons from a very wide range to best express your emotions. Multiple connectivity You have the ability to connect and communicate with many commonly used instant messengers to make it easy to be in touch with others. Call and message history With our call and message history, you can easily retrieve your lost email address or phone number.

Find friends and add contacts Easily connect to people who mean something to you. Uploading photos and files Jabbin allows you to upload photos and files safely and quickly. VCard, Virtual Identity Card allows you to find people with similar interests and connect to them.

You can provide as many details about yourself as you want. Contact list Manage your contact list easily. Invisibility When you feel unwilling to talk, you can quickly become invisible to other users while remaining connected.


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I didn't expect too many things, the program Jabbin satisfied my needs!

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