There are many free clones of the classic Arkanoid, but some proposals by independent artists are more surprising. This group includes a free project with the inconspicuous title Block. The name is not so much about nailing the colored blocks visible on the screen, but also about trying to block the escape of the balls down. These can be reflected at the same time by a whole lot of people. The innovative ideas that have been introduced into the cult formula can be seen very quickly. At each level we have a certain number of balls at our disposal, which are also our lives. However, it is possible to shoot a few at once, risking more, but at the same time eliminating objects on the screen faster. When we combine it with bricks, from which the balls also fall out, the sweet chaos badzo quickly stuns a little. Of course, there was no shortage of special powers falling from above. The palette can be enlarged to the full width of the screen, which in combination with a temporary unlimited supply of balls and let's say turning them into bowling balls allows you to admire what's going on and relax. The levels themselves are also surprising. Of course, there are bricks with different properties, but sometimes programmers also play with gravity.

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( 11.12.2018 18:48 )
The whole works without the slightest problem, I recommend it!
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Everything suits you best.

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