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Block Impact is a small, but quite impressive clone of the very classic Arkanoid. This small free project comes from Asia and therefore offers some interesting solutions absent from competitive free games of the genre. Otherness is also visible in the attachment to pixeled graphics, as well as dynamic, instrumental-saving musical setting.

The game will find its fans. The aim of the game is to remove various coloured bricks from the screen by bouncing the balls with a pallet. Contrary to the simple successors of the legend, the focus here is more on accuracy rather than effectivity.

Special powers fall out of the blocks relatively rarely, but they can be stored. We have five seats for this. Instead of activating at once, we turn on the facilitations later at a convenient time.

Of course, the ball is split, but you can also hit a rocket salvo or a powerful laser, destroying everything above the racket. Sometimes the shifting back of bricks to the top of the screen is also going to fall down, because there is an additional difficulty in the game in the form of blocks that gradually slide down. If they reach the bottom line, the effect is identical, as in the case of losing the ball.

The game simply subtracts our life from the pot.

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( 10.11.2018 00:04 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
The beginnings are always the most difficult, but over time I have mastered the operation of the program.
( 12.10.2018 00:44 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I didn't expect too many things, the program Block Impact satisfied my needs!

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