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Block Breakers is an extremely dynamic action game with perfectly integrated arcade and tactical elements. The action takes place on a suspended, specially prepared platform, on which we enter the competition with three computer opponents. Before starting the competition, we choose one of the four characters and then we configure the composition of the competitors. In this topic we are left with a lot of freedom, so we have the possibility to shape the course of the game completely under ourselves. Each of the available characters has their own features and individual skills, which makes them present a different style of play. The next step is to select the layout. It is a special, built and designed for the purposes of the game platform, on which we will compete with the rest of the players for the lead. The choice we make simultaneously creates the level of difficulty and spectacularity of the duel. There are boards with more stones, thanks to which we gain special powers and those full of traps and unpleasant ambushes. Block Breakers is a fun, energetic and incredibly addictive fight. In addition to the total chopped straw and the whole roll, which the game mainly presents, we will also come across elements of tactics and strategy in it. Sometimes we have to think well before we make a foolish move, for which so hard scored points are deducted. Thanks to the very good audio-visual setting and high playability, the game should provide long hours of fun.

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Block Breakers is easy to use and intuitive. Block Breakers helped me to solve my problem.
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I am very happy that I downloaded Block Breakers, everything works without any problems.

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