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VMPCrypt is an easy-to-use privacy protection tool that allows encryption of confidential data and works on the basis of VMPC encryption technology, developed by Polish cryptologist Bartosz Żółtak. The application allows you to create collective archives containing protected data, encrypted copies of files and folders, databases with confidential passwords and contact lists, as well as encryption of text entered in the built-in editor, sending encrypted e-mails and irreversible deletion of data from the hard disk. In addition, VMPCrypt is well suited for generating secure passwords of up to 512 bits (via random mouse movements), creating self-encrypting archives as executable files and compressing data and splitting encrypted archives into smaller files. Noteworthy is the option that allows you to use multiple passwords for one secure archive. The program is completely free of charge. However, it is possible to register voluntarily for any chosen amount. Revenues from registration support scientific research on the function of VMPC and the mathematical problem "Is it P=NP?

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( 11.12.2018 03:04 )
I am very happy that I downloaded VMPCrypt, everything works without any problems.
( 09.12.2018 17:52 )
The beginnings are always the most difficult, but over time I have mastered the operation of the program.

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