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VMware Player is a free program designed to create, but also to run previously prepared virtual machines with 32- or 64-bit operating system. The tool allows you to run more than 200 supported operating systems - including different versions of Windows and Linux distribution. Such a solution makes it possible to test the selected system or new software on a computer in a specially isolated environment, without worrying about potential consequences in the parent system. At the same time, the environment running under VMware Player is much faster and more efficient than, for example, the Windows XP mode built into Windows 7. The program supports up to 8 processor cores and 32 GB of RAM for each virtual machine. Virtual systems running in VMware Player can use CD/DVD drives, network interfaces, USB devices and others. Mutual access to the network shares of the real and virtual computer, as well as the transfer of files between systems using the "drag-and-drop" method is a great facilitation during work.

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15.0.0 Build 1013441

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( 09.12.2018 01:48 )
Is the download link correct? An error pops up for me.

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