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vMix is a powerful tool for live webstreaming on the most popular streaming services, such as Twitch TV, YouTube and Ustream. The program is also used to create and record video files that can be placed on a network. Streaming with vMix can take place in up to 4K quality, although many users will most likely opt for HD video, and sometimes - due to limitations - perhaps even in SD.

The program is compatible with DeckLink and Intensity Pro, among others. It also allows you to use multiple audio devices (e.g. sound from a sound card and DeckLink cards).

vMix allows you to display one or several screens (e.g. you can place a show of a selected application on one screen and a presenter on the other). The tool supports various webcams, so that viewers can see not only the gameplay of your chosen game, but also your reactions during the broadcast.

The tool supports the most popular video file formats, including AVI, MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV and QuickTime, as well as MP3 and WAV audio files. It also includes a built-in audio mixing tool that allows you to manage your sound sources seamlessly, offering you the ability to mute selected sound sources or delay the sound source. vMix also allows you to enrich the transmission through the use of several effects of the transition.

With the appropriate options, you can access your favourite effects very quickly and use them at the right time without having to look at the program settings. You also have the ability to correct colours, remove interlacing, sharpen, zoom in and rotate video during live broadcasts. Interestingly, vMix options can be managed remotely using vMix Web Controller on touchscreens (Surface, Android, Ipad) using the built-in web interface.

You can create shortcuts to activate various options.

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I can confidently recommend the program vMix, everything runs smoothly.

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