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The history of games, where we watched the action from the perspective of the first person and shot at everything that moves, dates back to the early 90's. It is officially assumed that the first such production was Wolfenstein's 3D by Id Software. After a big success of Wolf, the incredible development of this genre began, starting with Doom, through quake, and ending with Far Cry.

A year ago the Cube was released to the public, which was created mainly for online gameplay. The game was characterized by good graphics and countless levels. Probably the authors themselves did not expect such a good reception of their work by the players, so following the blow after the premiere of the Cube, Sauerbraten hit our hands.

The plot of the game is basically the same as in the games mentioned above. Armed to the teeth, we run through dark chambers in order to neutralize our opponents. After starting the game, we choose whether we want to play online with a live player or with computer enemies.

In this respect, we have not seen any major changes compared to the Cube. Sauerbraten presents itself really fantastic in terms of graphics, very well made levels reflect it even more. In singleleplayer the opponents, although the same as in the previous one, are a bit better polished and run on us less often the whole group from all corners of a given level.

As far as the soundtrack is concerned, it is still at a decent level. The author of the description is Robcioo from Victory Games. Thank you very much for sharing the description!

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( 03.12.2018 14:54 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
Thank you very much!
( 22.11.2018 03:48 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I am very happy that I downloaded Sauerbraten Summer Edition, everything works without any problems.

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