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Save the Date is an uncomplicated at first glance adventure, in which instead of looking for objects helpful in solving various riddles we simply choose one of several options presented to us at a given moment. Their choice builds the plot and directly translates into further development of the action. Establishing a production is seemingly simple, because it is necessary to make an appointment with the girl of your dreams for a date. Player and others, let's not be afraid to use the word, deadly failures discover the dark truth underlying the project... Experimental game gives a lot to think about by introducing new threads and options as we devote time to devising new scenarios of action and we think about what it's all about. The title is characterized by a modest, but interesting graphic design, as well as pleasant to the ear sound. This is a proposal in English, but the vocabulary in the game is so uncomplicated that even basic knowledge of the language will allow you to enjoy a very twisted dating concept ;-).

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Super program, thanks to.
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I think that Save the Date is one of the best programs of this type and will certainly be useful to anyone looking for programs of this type.

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