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Savage 2 is an extended edition of the popular Savage: The Battle for Newerth, and one of the most innovative MMO productions. The title combines elements of an action game, strategy and cRPG.

It takes us to the fantastic land of Newerth, where people (Legion) are constantly fighting hellish beasts (Horda). After joining the server, we join one of the two groups (each has a maximum of 32 people), and then choose the type of character. We can decide to play independently and develop our hero, but it's fun to join a team of several people.

At the beginning of the session we choose a commander and assign the remaining functions, from an ordinary warrior to a scout. From now on, the only thing that counts is a team game that allows you to effectively grow your own base while destroying your opponent's buildings. The greater the discipline and mutual cooperation, the greater the chances of winning.

Scouts look for enemy units, healers provide protection for soldiers, builders build new constructions, while the captain of the team deploys them and takes general care of the battlefield. Depending on the function, players can choose between a first-person, third-person or strategic view. For the progress we are rewarded with gold, which we can contribute to the team's budget or spend on the development of our own character.

In the latter case, we have a choice of new weapons, as well as a whole range of spells and special skills. Promotion to the next level also allows you to assign points to features such as courage, dexterity, strength or intelligence. The title also offers an interesting combat system, which includes, among other things, pairing enemy attacks, as well as numerous combos.

Most characters also have firearms and spells. Savage 2 is a free production that uses a microtransaction system. K2 Engine technology is responsible for displaying the image and AGEIA PhysX physics.

A big advantage of the title is an accessible tutorial and a background voice guidance system, which significantly helps users taking their first steps in the game world.

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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is easy to use and intuitive. Savage 2: A Tortured Soul helped me to solve my problem.
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The whole works without the slightest problem, I recommend it!

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