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Firefox Developer Edition is a special version of Firefox browser prepared for programmers and web developers. It allows the same as the standard version, and additionally contains extended tools useful in creating web applications and those intended to work on multiple devices from the level of a web browser. The program differs from the standard version of the fiery fox mainly due to the dark, slightly modified interface. Here you will find buttons that give you instant access to all development tools. These include a DOM tree inspector to edit HTML code and CSS styles, a console to learn about any programs on the website, and a special debugger to check the correct operation of JavaScript code. The programmer can also use a dedicated CSS style editor, network monitor and a tool to check code performance by registering JavaScript calls. Programming tools allow you to preview the responsive mode, there is also a color sampler available, thanks to which you can see the color value of a given pixel on the screen. The browser also contains a dirty copy in which you can enter the JavaScript code and then test its operation. An important advantage is the WebIDE Firefox module which allows you to create entire applications and then test them in a simulator, on an external device, Chrome Desktop or Safari for iOS. The browser can also be connected to Firefox for the Android platform, in order to test and prepare applications for this system. The Developer Edition is based on Aurora Channel releases, so it is newer than the official stable release and contains news that regular users still have to wait for. This is due to a slightly lower stability of operation - this edition may sometimes cause problems and users should be aware of it. It can be installed next to a regular Firefox and does not affect its operation. In addition, it behaves like a normal version: you can browse through pages, use instant messengers, install add-ons, and change advanced settings.

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( 18.11.2018 14:01 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I wasn't disappointed, Firefox Quantum Developer Edition works elegantly.
( 06.11.2018 03:24 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
Is the download link correct? An error pops up for me.

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