Tri D Corpus is a CAD program for furniture design, which allows you to design a space arrangement, select materials and prepare a plan, a list of necessary elements and price the project. The Corpus was written by a furniture manufacturer for other furniture manufacturers. In the program we will prepare not only an elegant visualization, together with the lighting design, but above all the plans needed for production, because they are the most important for the publisher of the program. Tri D Corpus allows for parametric design, is flexible, can be extended with libraries of ready-made models and can be easily learnt to use it. You can also start designing furniture from scratch and use various techniques. Designing furniture in the Corpus is very easy and the program speeds up production significantly. The finished project can be rendered with the help of the POV-Ray engine and presented to the customer together with the offer. On the other hand, you can quickly generate a list of materials needed for production, optimize cutting, prepare drawings with assembly instructions for furniture, technical drawings and even files for CNC machines. In this way, the program perfectly optimizes the operating costs of furniture production plants, both in series and on request. A demo version of Corpus can be obtained after a short online presentation led by the Polish distributor - LignumSoft.

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The whole works without the slightest problem, I recommend it!

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