Corsair Link is a useful tool for monitoring the performance of the basic components of the computer. From its level we will get to the information about the processor, RAM or graphics chip. A great advantage of the program is a refined and clear graphical interface, as well as simplicity of use. Corsair Link presents data such as CPU usage, core temperature, RAM frequency, graphics card temperature (both built-in on the motherboard and dedicated one) and hard disk. What is important, the application can alert the user when any of the components reaches critical values. There were also options to manage the operation of fans and save in log files individual information about the operation of the previously mentioned computer components. In addition to the above mentioned functions, it is worth mentioning the possibilities offered by the program to owners of Corsair's advanced power supplies. This refers to the option of tracking the PSU load and the voltage generated by the PSU.

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( 18.11.2018 07:48 )
I am very happy that I downloaded Corsair Link, everything works without any problems.
( 01.09.2018 13:00 )
Super program, thanks to.

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