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BonAView is an innovative graphic tool that combines a tool for managing and viewing digital photos. It allows you to conveniently organize your photos, carry out basic processing and view them in 3D mode. One of the main functions of the program is the module responsible for organizing the photo collection.

With its help, the user can easily and conveniently catalogue, rate and tag large collections of photographs. BonAView does not limit the number of categories, subcategories, as well as the number of photos placed within them. Useful in managing a large number of files is the search and filtering option, which allows you to efficiently find selected photographs, define detailed search criteria and additional filtering of the results of the built-in search engine.

Another important element of the tool is an integrated graphic editor, with the help of which we can efficiently edit selected photos. You can remove red eyes, level discolorations, adjust color balance, brightness and contrast, crop, sharpen or smear selected fragments. There was also a collection of a dozen or so special effects, which made our favourite photographs even more attractive.

Noteworthy is the built-in graphics browser, able to present collections of photographs in impressive 3D form. BonAView has a built-in EXIF/IPTC metadata editor and a number of scanner support tools. It also supports the import of photos from the camera, memory card reader, mobile devices and other TWAIN or WIA compatible devices.

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I'm very happy that I downloaded BonAView, it's really good, the best among programs of this type.

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