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Bonzai 3D is a simple and intuitive tool for creating and modeling 3D objects. Due to its rich functionality, it is ideal for supporting the work of various designers and architects. The software is extremely easy to use and offers a number of useful functions to improve modeling of both solids and flat surfaces.

It can successfully handle any graphic files, giving the user the ability to work with such formats as DWG, SAT, 3DS and many others. In addition to importing and exporting to more than 20 of the most popular graphic and CAD formats, it also allows you to visualize your project in Google Earth. During the modeling process, a number of independent functions are at the user's disposal, which are designed to support and facilitate our design.

Auxiliary lines, end points of a solid, object or height cave, width of a figure arranged in two or three dimensions are designed to facilitate the modelling process. There are also very advanced functions of deformation, twisting, bending, convexity creation and other shape change functions, which can be used on selected fragments of objects. In addition, Bonzai 3D is equipped with a number of highly specialized functions to perform specific tasks.

For example, a roof generator that creates different types of roofs solely on the basis of the walls of the building. Also interesting is the tool used to create stairs, which easily generates a ready-made model of stairs in various styles. The program will generate a full model of the stairs, providing us with a menu thanks to which we can modify all the elements, such as the height of individual stairs, the style of the handrail and many others.

The Window/Door tool not only automatically creates the right size openings in the walls of the model for the windows or doors to be placed, but also correctly positions the frame or frame on both sides of the wall.

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2.5.0 build 7812

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( 10.12.2018 16:16 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
Is the download link correct? An error pops up for me.
( 17.10.2018 18:32 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I didn't expect too many things, the program Bonzai 3D satisfied my needs!

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