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Bonsai Defense is an original and very atmospheric puzzle game with a great emphasis on tactical and strategic elements. In Bonsai Defense the player watches over the growth of his own tree and manages its development. They can be 'fed', cut and shaped to any desired shape, both for growth and shape.

Depending on the level of difficulty, it will develop in a predictable or completely random way, which will make it even more difficult to play. Our main task in the care process is to take special care of the fruit, which after some time will give birth to the tree. Fruits are assigned various functions.

They accelerate the growth of the plant or vice versa (cutting off unwanted branches), produce energy for the development of other fruits, protect the tree from pests or inject poison to stop the massive attack of parasites. The aim of the game is to produce as many flowers as possible, from which we will be able to collect a certain amount of nectar, giving the final victory in the game. I must admit that Bonsai Defense is an original and at the same time extremely addictive position.

In addition, the whole was presented in a very good and pleasant audiovisual setting. All these aspects, as well as many others, which we will discover during the game will certainly make the position interesting for a large number of players.

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I recommend the Bonsai Defense program to everyone, it works elegantly.

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