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After Minecraft gained great popularity, there were many clones of this game, based on the simple idea of erecting various buildings out of blocks. Some of them are better, others are more modest, but although Voxelized project belongs to the latter group, it still has a chance for development, due to the opening of the producer to the help of fans of this type of production. He promises to develop the work in accordance with their remarks.

The title was previously sold for little money, and is now fully free, with access to all the most important files if any of the capable home-grown programmers would like to contribute to its evolution. Gameplay is not an open-air game, but we don't require it. From the set of available materials we can build constructions that will look like made of boxes.

Due to the low hardware requirements, Voxelized will be an opportunity to experience gameplay similar to that of Minecraft, when the prototype simply refuses to run on an older PC configuration. A great hit, although graphically efficient, has its own significant needs. Here, due to the constant development of the project and the upcoming options, you need much less capacity to have fun.

In order to install the game, you need to download the Steam program - a special Internet platform that allows you not only to buy and download computer games, but also to keep in touch with friends, who can, for example, be invited to play the game.

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