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VoodooShield is an anti-exe security application that allows your computer administrator to specify which applications are allowed to run. All other programs will be automatically blocked, even if, for example, an attack is made using a web browser, which has to download the file itself and run malware. The application is characterized by dynamic development and very low consumption of system resources.

The application is not a classic program to protect against malicious software. However, it can be used for this purpose thanks to the possibilities it offers. It will also be useful, for example, for parents who decide to block some applications, so that their children do not make a mess in the system.

All program settings can be protected with a password, additionally the administrator has access to the logs of blocked applications. VoodooShield has three modes of operation. The first one, "Train Me" is activated immediately after installation and runs for 10 minutes.

In this mode, the user can run all applications, and the program automatically saves them to a white list. This allows you to teach him what we actually use and what should not be blocked. The second mode is "Smart" used during typical computer use.

It allows applications from the white list, treats others as untrusted and interactively asks the user if they can be launched. The corresponding balloon is displayed in the system tray. Clicking on it launches a window where we can take the appropriate action:

allow the program to start, block it, or run it in an isolated, safe environment. VoodooShield additionally sends files to VirusTotal service to scan them. The last mode of operation is "Always On".

When we activate it, the program will run according to the rules, but it will not ask us about action in case of new applications - they will be automatically blocked. The program starts together with the operating system and has an automatic update function. Settings allow, for example, to automatically allow system applications installed in the Program Files folder or Modern applications in Windows 8.

The user can "sleep" VoodooShield for a specified period of time, it is also possible to configure the sensitivity of the program and the setting excluded for blocking: people who often use different tools can allow to run WScripts, CScripts, MSI files, rundll32, DOS, command line, registry editor, and regsrv32. The program also allows you to set your own allowed folders and application names that will not be blocked.

This allows you to isolate an unrestricted area on a drive. A very interesting option is data synchronization. You can create an account at the manufacturer's website, and then synchronize the white and black lists of applications.

Thanks to this it is possible to quickly configure many of the same workstations, i.e. block or allow only specific applications, without the need to re-create rules. The application is available for free for non-commercial use.

Unfortunately, the producer did not prepare to use Polish language.

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The whole works without the slightest problem, I recommend it!

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