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Voodoo Camera Tracker is one of the few multiplatform, yet free tools designed to analyze the movement of the camera in individual frames of the video material. Camera tracker and match move applications are used to create special effects that allow the insertion of computer graphics (2D or 3D elements) in relation to the position of the camera used to shoot the shots. The result of Voodoo Camera Tracker analysis can be successfully imported into tools such as 3D Studio Max, Blender, Lightwave, Maya or Softimage. The strongest feature of Voodoo Camera Tracker is its ease of use. The program offers a fully automated system for estimating camera parameters for a given sequence of image files. Just indicate from which frame the application should start the analysis and then click on the track button. The finished result can be exported to a text file. Voodoo Camera Tracker works on a similar principle as other commercial tools of this type (3D-Equalizer by Science-D-Visions, boujou, Matchmover, PFTrack, SynthEyes or VooCAT). The free tool, however, does not offer professional technical support and for this reason, the developers recommend the possibility of considering buying a paid equivalent.

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1.2.0 Beta

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( 07.12.2018 10:11 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
The program is easy to use, it is very much appreciated.
( 22.10.2018 01:23 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I didn't need anything big, so Voodoo Camera Tracker met my expectations. :)

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