VLC Media Player - application responsible for running multimedia files. It recognizes many files, e.g. MP3 and many others. VLC Media Player can also run recordings from DVDs and CDs. The interface of the application without any additional skins looks rather minimalistic and modest, which gives it an additional advantage. The advantages of the application include running audio/video streams, splitting audio and video tracks or converting to a file format of your choice. Programs such as AIMP or QuickTime definitely stand out from this application, which is much better.

How to download VLC media player (Mac) Mac OS X

( 13.11.2018 17:48 )
Is the download link correct? An error pops up for me.
( 13.07.2018 03:47 )
I think that VLC media player (Mac) is one of the best programs of this type and will certainly be useful to anyone looking for programs of this type.

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