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Star is a special time of the year, but when the snow falls to the mountain then definitely is something wrong and the Christmas super hero Santaman must quickly go into action. In the first part of the free series with a small heros, modelled on a fluffy saint, the player tries to stop the dark Santa Claus, who is responsible for the unusual aura. It has many very interesting levels to go through. Santaman got the blues is a platformer with logical elements. The main task is to reach the exit from each stage. However, in order for this to open up, it is necessary to collect all the scattered gifts along the way. It's not that easy anymore, because very quickly dangerous enemies begin to spin around the area, and Santaman is only gradually gaining new abilities, with a simple leap at the forefront. Standard platform elements, with climbing up ladders and drying on ropes hung between two points, are also logically added. Wherever you need to adjust the switches so that the road continues to be possible. The production offers an eye-catching, retro-style graphic design, as well as a suitable Christmas sound. Allows you to spend your time in a nice way.

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( 10.12.2018 11:30 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
The whole works without the slightest problem, I recommend it!
( 30.11.2018 17:24 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I'm very happy that I downloaded Santaman got the blues, it's really good, the best among programs of this type.

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