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SafeInCloud Password Manager is a free program for managing the data collected in SafeInCloud. The program can be downloaded for free, but it is worth remembering that the number of its features will depend on whether we decided to pay for the full version of SafeInCloud application for Android or iOS. One of the functions available only in the Premium version is, among others, data synchronization between devices and operating systems. Therefore, what a desktop program for Windows will be able to do will depend largely on whether we buy access to the full version of the service. Using SafeInCloud for Windows, we will mainly be able to manage our passwords, PINs and other important data that we have entrusted to the service. Information can be grouped, labelled and sorted in this way. The program also includes a password generator, which allows you to assign passwords to a specific service, such as Facebook or Google account. The program also allows you to configure the synchronization of our data with a selected cloud, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Data is protected with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard encryption.

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( 10.12.2018 11:42 )
I wasn't disappointed, SafeInCloud works elegantly.

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