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SafeLock is a program of Polish authorship that allows you to create secured Data CDs, Audio CDs, as well as to protect video files in AVI format. The program protects CDs with five methods: it introduces EFM correction, identifies the Q-subchannel, which improves CD security, reads ATIP information (manufacturer's CD information, capacity) in the writer, checks the presence of the wrong sector at the end of the CD, checks the presence of the PreGape key.

For correct operation, CDRWIN and CloneCD programs, as well as a suitable writer, are required. The Home Edition version of the Home Edition is licensed for home users to create and unzipping secure CDs for non-commercial purposes only. There is also a Comercial Edition for business use, which does not have this restriction (excluding the use of the program by distribution companies, presses, etc.).

Details can be found on the manufacturer's website. 2. CD protection is required:

- have appropriate programs such as CDRWIN (for creating a CD image) and CloneCD version or later. - a DAO-RAW capable of recording EFM correction. The recorder must also have Overburning and the ability to record subchannel data.

Restrictions of the Trial version of the program: - no name change of the DLL library in the Packaging method - no encryption password change - no EFM v2 protection - no PreGape protection - no change of the displayed errors - no change of the displayed Loga - no sector error analysis method - 15-day time limit 4. Detailed user's manual of the program can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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