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IVONA MiniReader is a small, easy to use and, most importantly, completely free software that allows you to read and listen to various texts on your computer - such as e-mails, documents or news on websites. Simple graphical interface combined with minimal need for system resources makes it possible for the application to work in the background during everyday work, reading the texts indicated by the user at any time. IVONA MiniReader allows you to select the voice that will be used during reading, as well as set its speed and volume. If you use IVONA voices, you can also configure a dictionary that allows you to use substitutes for selected words, and define the length of intervals between sentences/capitals, how the text will be interpreted, and omitted characters. IVONA MiniReader cooperates with every speech synthesizer in SAPI5 standard. The software is installed in two stages. The IVONA MiniReader reader is installed first, then after downloading selected versions of the IVONA speech synthesizer. IVONA MiniReader uses test versions of the IVONA speech synthesizer that are active for 30 days. After this period, further functioning of votes is possible only after the activation key has been introduced.

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( 11.12.2018 08:43 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
IVONA MiniReader is easy to use and intuitive. IVONA MiniReader helped me to solve my problem.
( 25.11.2018 16:14 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I think that IVONA MiniReader is one of the best programs of this type and will certainly be useful to anyone looking for programs of this type.

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