Strategy game fans are accustomed to collecting raw materials and then expanding the base, but have they ever played with the factory keeper? The project with a much-spoken title Factorio is based on this detailed, quite complicated gameplay. It will come here to design the entire production infrastructure over several large networks, and to defend itself against enemy attacks. It can be pulled in very tightly. We start from scratch. On a fictional alien planet, we cut down trees and extract basic raw materials to construct the simplest mechanisms that will become the foundation of the entire production line. Over time, we gain the ability to create more and more complex mechanisms, which translates into increased efficiency, but also requires constant expansion of workstations. The natives will not like it.... Fights and defense of the base take place in real time. You can join forces with other online players to create large conglomerates and share responsibilities. Producers are also open to fans' modifications to the game, so you can try to introduce new features or elements to the title. To this is added a map editor, as well as sets of free add-ons, adding further scenarios. The demo version has a limited functionality, but it allows you to become familiar with the rules of the game. It should make appetite for more.

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Will I get a paid version of this game?

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