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Fairy Island is a simple in rules and mastery logical production that takes us through its plot to the title, magical island. For a long time, ruthless pirates have been in power there, imprisoning all fairies in enchanted crystals. In order to release them, the player must find and break all the crystals he encounters on his way. The game, like most similar titles, consists in eliminating the longest possible sequences of objects of the same color, with the difference, however, that in Fairy Island it takes place like a "tetris" tournament. We eliminate strings or whole surfaces of the same elements, keeping in mind their continuous supply from the top or bottom of the board. In order to increase the attractiveness of the game for each of the available modes, tables of the best results are available, so that the player can practice and improve their results on specific, favorite boards. An interesting interlude between the main stages of the game are short mini-games, which serve as a test for agility and agility of movements ;-). They are not only a kind of detachment from the main theme of the game, but also add variety to the fun. Fairy Island is an interesting logical position in a pleasant audio-visual setting diversified with arcade elements. Thanks to its transparency and some kind of ease, however, it requires from the player a lot of perceptiveness, concentration and concentration. Fast thinking, a sense of anticipation and a bit of dexterity will also be important.

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Fairy Island is easy to use and intuitive. Fairy Island helped me to solve my problem.
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Will I get a paid version of this program?

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