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Under a rather peculiar title of DRM: The Videogame hides a free, arcade 2D shooter, in which, in addition to the usual arcade skills, you will have to demonstrate high resistance to all kinds of explosions or powerful explosions of light and color from the screen of our computer. The player moves a small vehicle on a static board, trying to realize the classic scenario for this type of position, where all enemy units are knocked out as quickly as possible with minimal loss of their own and reaching the farthest possible hands.

The game focuses on the number of objects that can knock us down rather than the artificial intelligence of the opponents. They are chasing us all the time, and the main problem is not so much their nailing down, as their breaking through coloured debris, missiles and illuminating clouds, without losing sight of their ship. The main assumption of the authors of the project was to present or recall what was once the quintessence of videogames of the "previous era".

The best proof of this is the comprehensive DRM binding: The Videogame, which creates a kind of tribute to old productions. It must also be admitted that the creators have probably extracted from the palette of colors everything possible.

The game emanates with colours and at the same time draws us into its specific atmosphere. The boards are carefully prepared, and in the background you can hear simple music. The difficulty level is quite exorbitant, which can deter less skilled players at first, but whatever you say, the game emits warm colors, tunes positively and provides a pleasant experience.

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( 01.12.2018 21:57 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
The beginnings are always the most difficult, but over time I have mastered the operation of the program.
( 26.09.2018 14:29 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I am very happy that I downloaded DRM: The Videogame, everything works without any problems.

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