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Bosstardian is a classic space shooter with a boat constantly flying ahead and eliminating waves of enemies, but more on the Asian fashion. This means that the screen is constantly flooded by various types of missiles from enemy units, forcing them to skillfully lavish between them. The free project, however, distinguishes itself from the other representatives of the genre, the idea of reversing roles, which brings incredible joy.

Just fill the energy bar with orange gems and you can turn into a boss, a huge ship of incredible power. Of course, it is best to leave this possibility to face larger enemies. Along the way, we also collect lights of other colours.

They improve the efficiency of on-board weapons or provide a force field for a moment. We play on points, of course. Bosstardian can be passed and then the result is the main determinant of what a player's heart was.

The game does not spoil, the game itself will give impressions to many, but the creator has foreseen the option of continuing the fight. After losing your last life, however, you have to decide to donate some of your jewels or heritage points. The production of additional charm adds styling to the former 2D automatic hit.

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I recommend the Bosstardian program to everyone, it works elegantly.

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