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Boson X is a very dynamic arcade game with pseudo-scientific background. The constant push forward of our character, known in total from many other productions, was justified here by the experiment aimed at discovering new, of course fictitious molecules. We play the role of a professor and jump inside the particle accelerator.

Jumping in front of each other we jump on platforms spread out in the shape of polygonal pipes. The way to win levels leads through blue areas that accelerate the hero and increase the percentage, which is followed by a splitting of the molecule and unlocking of the next board. However, if we have well-trained reflexes, we can stay on the track faster and faster to try to achieve the best possible result and sign up in the world ranking.

The route is unfolded in front of the player's eyes, and with time, appropriate obstacles are introduced. One of them are the red fields that leave after running on them or the platforms that slide or move away at the last moment, which further complicates the process of quick planning of the next jump. During the game we are also struggling with the inability to change the course of movement when we are already in the air.

The game resembles a bit of immortal SkyRoads, and simple background music and graphics only speak in favour of the project.

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As for me Boson X is the best, it contains all the necessary functions. Thanks to Boson X my work is faster and more pleasant.

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