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Avast Antivirus Pro (formerly avast! Professional Edition) is an antivirus software created mainly for small and medium enterprises, whose task is to protect the computer against malware during everyday work with the computer - sending / receiving e-mails or browsing the Internet. Avast Antivirus Pro offers real-time computer protection and automatic virus definition retrieval via the so-called streaming mechanism.

This is extremely important, because only the current virus signature database (often updated several times a day) can provide us with the maximum sense of security. The program gives you the ability to scan your computer during boot, as well as analyze web pages and protect against malicious scripts. The software is also equipped with the function of behavior monitoring, website verification and Software Updater mechanism.

They protect the computer against potentially dangerous components, pests that can be encountered while surfing the Internet, but also vulnerabilities in outdated software that can be used by unauthorized persons to take control of the operating system. Also noteworthy are the options of cleaning the web browser from unnecessary extensions, creating rescue drives, but also the built-in password manager. Compared to the Free version, Avast Antivirus Pro has a more configurable sandbox mode and SafeZone mode - a completely isolated virtual environment in which we can safely run e.g.

a bank website or shop online. Avast 2017 is primarily a refreshed version of the CyberCapture cloud anti-virus scanner, which is supposed to handle the detection and analysis of suspicious code in real time - the intercepted files go to a virtual environment where their behavior is tested and the behavior data is transferred to Avast Threat Labs. It is accompanied by a new Behavior Shield defense mechanism, which analyses the behavior of processes on the user's computer.

Targeted primarily at detecting activities typical of ransomware, keyloggers and other spyware, it protects even against previously unknown threats, exploiting the 0-day vulnerabilities. Another innovation is the improved Wi-Fi Inspector, formerly known as Avast Home Network Security. This tool focuses on the security of the router and devices connected to the home network, checking that their firmware is free from vulnerabilities.

Avast 2017 also brings an improved password manager that stores all user passwords in the central clipboard, an encrypted key derived from the master password, and is able to automatically replenish all forms used to log in to online accounts. Players will appreciate the completely new Game Mode. It is also worth mentioning the passive mode, which debuted in this issue.

Thanks to it, people already using another antivirus will be able to use the Avasta functions that are of interest to them without having to uninstall other security software.

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I recommend to all users Avast Pro Antivirus, the whole thing works smoothly.
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As for me Avast Pro Antivirus is the best, it contains all the necessary functions. Thanks to Avast Pro Antivirus my work is faster and more pleasant.

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