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AVG AntiVirus Business Edition is an antivirus software for small and medium enterprises. It provides basic protection of the company's computers against all kinds of malware, including the unknown ones. The basic component of the program is an antivirus engine, whose task is to protect computer workstations against viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

In addition, there are anti-spyware and anti-rootkit modules to detect and remove pests, which steal sensitive user data, may block antivirus software or cause the loss of valuable business documents. Thanks to the intelligent AVG scanner mechanism, the process of scanning computers only takes place when they are not in use, which prevents their performance from dropping during normal operation. Other noteworthy solutions are silence mode and Turbo Scan, which allow you to reduce the number of notifications displayed and scan time by using sequential data analysis, starting from the files stored on the drive the earliest.

Other AVG AntiVirus Business Edition features include an email filter that scans incoming and outgoing mail and detects spam messages, AVG LinkScanner Surf-Shield technology that protects your computer from malicious websites, AVG Network Protection that checks every download before it is saved on your hard drive, and the Network Warden function to avoid connection to false WiFi access points. A novelty in the 2013 version is the so-called own protection, which is an additional layer of protection against pests, which could in any way modify the data stored on the computer. AVG AntiVirus Business Edition is equipped with the function of remote administration, which is very important from the point of view of enterprises with more computers.

It allows you to remotely install AVG software as well as deploy and administer file and mail servers. The software integrates with the Active Directory service.

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2013 13.0 Build 3532

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AVG AntiVirus Business Edition is very easy to use, which is a definite advantage.

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