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Avast Premier is the latest and most extensive security package in the offer of the Czech company AVAST Software. It brings together a rich set of features to protect your computer from all kinds of threats, plus tools such as a software update monitor, a file shredder, and more. The software is equipped with the best solutions and technologies known from such products as Avast Antivirus and Avast Internet Security.

Its foundation is a cloud-based anti-virus and anti-spyware engine with permanent online access to up-to-date virus signature databases, a firewall and an anti-spam filter. Avast Premier also offers a file reputation system, a module for checking the status of the most popular software updates, and a sandbox component that allows you to run any application in an isolated virtual environment. Avast Premier also has a built-in SafeZone function, which allows you to create trusted sessions in the system, from which you can safely manage your bank account online.

There was also a file shredder, a special tool for cleaning the web browser from unnecessary toolbars, blocking URLs indicated by the user and the AccessAnywhere option, which allows you to control your computer from anywhere in the world. The most important novelty that has been added to the new version of the Avast antivirus package in the Premier version is Webcam Shield. It is used to block access to the webcam built into the laptop frame.

In practice, the mechanism is based on an additional layer of privilege control - Avast 2018 can manage the access of applications installed on the disk to the camera and block the software that wants to obtain these privileges by deception. Another innovation is the improved Wi-Fi Inspector, formerly known as Avast Home Network Security. This tool focuses on the security of the router and devices connected to the home network, checking that their firmware is free from vulnerabilities.

Avast 2017 also brings an improved password manager that stores all user passwords in the central clipboard, an encrypted key derived from the master password, and is able to automatically replenish all forms used to log in to online accounts. Players will appreciate the completely new Game Mode. It is also worth mentioning the passive mode, which debuted in this issue.

Thanks to it, people already using another antivirus will be able to use the Avasta functions that are of interest to them without having to uninstall other security software.

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