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Apache OpenOffice (formerly OpenOffice.org) is a fully free office suite, distributed on an Open Source basis. Apart from LibreOffice, it is one of the most serious competitors of Microsoft Office. The package includes independent applications:

text processor Writer, spreadsheet Calc, database module Base, graphic program Draw, as well as a program for creating presentations Impress. Note: if you are simply looking for the best free office suite, choose LibreOffice.

It is more modern and handles Microsoft Office documents better. Do you have any doubts? Read our comparison of OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Thanks to the programs included in OpenOffice, we can create both simple documents such as cover letters or CVs, as well as entire theses. It is also easy to calculate, thanks to which it simplifies accounting. Due to the open license, the package can also be used in the company, without incurring any fees associated with it.

The documents he creates are a valid public administration standard, and are compatible with Microsoft Office and Office for Mac OS X files. Advanced users will also find applications for it thanks to VBA support and support for OpenCL. The package includes the following applications:

Excellent text processor suitable even for professional use. This editor has all the possibilities that characterize the extra class in this field: you can insert graphics, tables, charts into the document.

Style sheets are available for the user. Writer supports serial correspondence, has an extensive dictionary where you can insert new words. While typing, the editor prompts you to continue the word, which can significantly speed up the text input speed.

Writer also has a rich list of templates to make it easier and faster to create spectacular documents. Extensive text formatting and indexing functions, not inferior to Word's capabilities. This is a powerful, easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Thanks to it, the user will perform many calculations using a computer, all the more so that the rules can be entered in Polish. The sheet provides, among other things, automatic conversion to Euro, calculation of exchange rates based on current data downloaded from the Internet, as well as the ability to create your own functions. Graphs and cell formatting, which can be precisely matched with multiple editing functions, are not a problem.

Calc allows you to exchange data with Excel. It's a presentation tool that gives you plenty of features and easy-to-use tools: text blocks, graphics, ready-made templates, as well as animation support.

The program also allows you to create 3D presentations, provides support for raster and vector graphics. Impress allows you to create executable files for which no office package is required to open, and it also supports the format used by PowerPoint. An additional advantage is the option to create presentations in Macromedia Flash format.

With Draw, you can create virtually any illustrations and effects that add value to documents created with OpenOffice. It is an application that offers the user great possibilities of processing objects, editing a gradient, manipulating transparency, photorealistic rendering of textures, lighting effects, perspectives, transparency, or even 3D object forms. Additional advantages include support for raster to vector conversion, scaling on grids and guides, stretching text along lines and creating Bezier curves.

Draw allows you to take advantage of the capabilities of OpenGL. This component of the package allows you to create mathematical rules. It is a very useful tool for students, teachers and academics.

It allows you to insert single and binary operators, relationships, operations on sets, functions, attributes, brackets, and specific formats such as power. Without the slightest problem you can create matrix records in it, and thanks to the ready list you can quickly add, for example, the infinity designation to the formula. Rules created in this program can be used in other components of the package.

This is a module that allows you to create and edit databases. It allows you to modify tables, forms, queries and reports. The program uses a built-in database engine H-SQL, it can also support databases based on dBASE.

It stores data in XML files, and it is possible to work in one of three modes: wizard, project view, SQL view. In order for the Base module to work, it is necessary to install Java software in the system.

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I wasn't disappointed, Apache OpenOffice works elegantly.
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Everything works smoothly. I recommend it!

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