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All Points Bulletin is a great MMO action game that takes us into a world full of violence, aggression, lawlessness and terror. The way the game is played, its rules, dynamics, but most of all the complex, full of life, details and details environment prepared by the authors will be deceptively similar to the one we know from the famous GTA series. The action of the game takes place in San Pero, a metropolis overwhelmed by total chaos and anarchy.

The disorder in the city is the result of an escalation of the conflict between the two factions: criminals and guardians of the law. The former push old gang bosses aside and try to introduce their own gangster rules at all costs.

The latter, mainly the police, are trying to restore order and good name to the city by constantly fighting against the oppressors. San Pero has been divided into 2 types of districts: 100 people, where we will face fierce competition of the "player against the player" type and 300 people, more social, where you can find a bit more peace and quiet.

Whatever you say, these two locations are filled with fighting, chases, shootings, arrests and fast-paced action. After choosing the faction on whose side we will have to fight, we move on to the creation and personalisation of our own profile, where unlimited possibilities open up. Thanks to the extensive configuration options, consisting in the possibility of changing even the smallest nuances of our bodies (eyebrows, cheekbones, chin, skin colour, body shape, etc.) we are able to maximally individualize our profile.

The situation is similar with clothes, a car or a choice of music, which we will be able to listen to in our own car. Our task is basically to fight against anyone who only targets us with their weapons. In addition, we perform a variety of tasks for which we receive special benefits.

It's not just about the money that makes it possible to improve armour and other equipment, but also about leadership in the group, the respect of other players and reputation. The interesting thing is that the game does not have a system of experience. The results in the game are a clear reflection of our skills.

The higher they are, the greater the chances of survival in the world of brutal street gangsters. In order to get the right game file, you must first download a special game download and installation manager.

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