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LXtory is an interesting proposal for screenshots or short GIF animations of the area around the cursor, which then allows you to quickly share on the Web, including Imgur, Dropbox, Google Disk or directly on your own FTP server. At the same time, a local copy of the discharge is also created. Like most of these programs, LXtory also offers several ways to take snapshots. You can save the entire monitor area, the selected window, or select the corresponding area on the screen completely manually. The option of recording short GIFs is an additional feature here. A characteristic feature is also the settings, of which there are many and allow you to configure, among other things, the operation by means of keyboard shortcuts. The appearance of the interface can be counted as a small minus. Readability and usability remain at a high level, but it is quite an unusual situation, when from the visual side the settings panel in the program seems to be much more attractive than the main window. Nevertheless, the application remains completely useful.

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( 11.12.2018 17:41 )
Will I get a paid version of this program?

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