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DropIt is a small and available for free tool, with the help of which we can easily and quickly create special rules, which will allow you to automate certain actions on files. The application seems inconspicuous, when you run it, you can only see a characteristic white arrow on a blue background, which always remains on top of other windows. With the left mouse button you can drag the "icons" to the right place, but only the so-called "right click" allows you to familiarize yourself with the way the application works.

First of all, it is worth looking at the associations, where we can add new rules of behaviour. For example, we can decide that all files of a given size or extension are automatically moved to the specified folder. In addition to portability, the program offers a wide range of other file operations, including copying, packaging and unpacking, splitting and merging, and even encryption.

DropIt, despite some inconspicuity, offers really extensive options. The additional filters used in the rules themselves are numerous and include, among other things, the date the file was created, modified, or attributes such as whether it is a temporary, read-only or hidden file. In addition, we can change the "icon" of the program on basically any graphics in PNG, GIF or JPG format.

The application has a built-in user manual, but it is only available in English.

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Is the download link correct? An error pops up for me.

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