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Do you believe in UFOs? Have you ever heard of aliens kidnapping people or cows? UFOs exist, and certainly in the virtual world.

If you want to see for yourself, play Cow Abductor. In the game we control a spacecraft flying over a pasture, over which a herd of cows graze. Our main task is to kidnap all the animals and pull them into our flying saucer (where they will all fit ?!).

In order to catch a cow, fly over it, then release a stream of light in its direction by pressing spaces, so that the cow starts to float upwards. We have a limited time to catch all the cows, which is 30 seconds. In this task we will be helped by numerous bonuses, which occur in the form of question marks falling from the sky.

If we fly over such a sign and release a beam of light, one randomly selected bonus will be activated. The authors of the game will try to find in the game a really large number of "helpers", such as: poor gravity, reduction or enlargement of cows, sleeping or crazy cows, extra time and many others.

You should try to complete each board in the shortest possible time, because for every second that remains we will get additional points. There are three game modes to choose from, in one of them instead of catching cows we can simply kill them. If we catch/shot a few cows in a short period of time, we will create a simple combosik for which we will get more points.

Graphics presents the level of games from a few years ago, so you can say that it is "strongly average". As for the soundtrack, it is very good, both the sound and the effects have been done very decently. I can assure you that Cow Abductor will guarantee nice fun for a few evenings.

The author of the description is Roki from Victory Games. Thank you very much for sharing the description!

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I can confidently recommend the program Cow Abductor, everything runs smoothly.
( 14.08.2018 11:30 ) VersionVersionVersionVersionVersion
I'm very happy that I downloaded Cow Abductor, it's really good, the best among programs of this type.

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