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CCleaner Professional is an extensive but paid edition of an extremely popular tool designed to optimize and remove from the system unnecessary files left on the computer disk by various types of software. Unlike the free version, it also offers a set of functions and tools to automate the operation of the program. CCleaner is a tool that allows you to easily and conveniently clean your computer from data related to our Web and Windows activities. It can not only remove many unnecessary files from the disk, but also clear the system registry of unnecessary and problematic components. It also includes the function of component management in the so-called "autostart" or uninstallation of software, removal of duplicate files, secure erase of disk contents and management of system restore points. The CCleaner Professional version also includes options for automatic background updates, an extended schedule to schedule the program for the future, as well as automatic disk cleaning when redundant data exceeds a certain size and browser monitoring to e.g. delete the relevant files when closing the browser window.

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Super program, thanks to.

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